The Teacher's Toolbox

Client: The Ministry of Education, Singapore
The Teacher's Toolbox consist of materials to aid teachers in the Petals system. Included in the toolbox is a timeline of education in singapore, A "handbook", a deck of case study cards and an interactive CD-Rom.

The Teacher's Toolbox Rejects

Client: The Ministry of Education, Singapore
Rejected covers for the handbook and case-study card covers.

A Gardener's Log: Book and Customised Font Set

Client: Thien
A Gardener's Log, is a collection of articles from Thien's columns in "The Business times". It is a book about life, memories and gardening.

A set of fonts was created based on inter-twining vines and flowers to create a "natural" floral feel for the book.

The Little Nightingale Who Can't Sing

First-Time Writers and Illustrators Publishing Initiative Grant awarded for a project with done with a friend, Angie. We have always said that if there was a chance to work together on a children's book, we should do it. And it came.

Having the story told in accordion format allows one page to "bleed" to the next, thus showing the "flow" of the story. It has an intermission in the middle, where Holly the nightingale (Named after a friend of ours), got lost, and you have to turn it over to find out what happened next. It was a fun project and a start of many more to come.

Book comes in a box with some activity cards.

Larry, the mail-eating monster.

STAMP 01 is a citywide project that celebrates the city, city-life and you, the city-dweller. 40 city post-boxes were selected for makeovers and through a selection, 40 teams selected out of over 1000 entries were given the chance to showcase their design to the rest of the country!

Larry sat at milliena walk for over a year attempting to eat up the postbox. More yummy then individual letters ;)

Special Thanks to Holly, Angie, Charmaine, Pearl, Vernie, Hong Shin who came by to help with the painting.