Thanks for 2009

In 2009...
I joined Facebook.
I started a blog.
Did 2-3 Annual Reports + 3 Books.
Amos Lee was born and became the underdog hit.
Amos Lee two was born and topped the best seller's list at no. 4.
Went to Melbourne to see old buddies.
Went to Viet. and dodged scary traffic.
Went to Thailand and hunted for **** forks.
Went to Sweden and had meatballs.
Made a celebrity friend.
Did massive over time at work.
Overdosed on coffee-shop food.
Started salad lunches.
Failed Detox.
Attended 4 "baby 1st month party"
Attended 3-4 exhibition openings
Cycled up and down East Coast Park countless times.
Cycled to serangoon.

Not too bad of a year.

I would love to specially thank the many who have bought, borrowed, begged and bagged a copy of The Diary of Amos Lee. Thanks for your support, for loving my work and making it worth the late nights, the heartachs, and constant complains and missed or late appointments that my friends and colleagues have to go through while working on the book. Always keep the child in you, with you. Happy New Year everyone :)

Girls, Guts and Glory!

The Diary of Amos Lee: Girls, Guts and Glory!
Hot of the press, 2nd of the series, following the successful "I sit, I write, I flush!” (Top 10 of Straits Times, Bestseller's List).

Written by Adeline Foo, “Girls, Guts and Glory!”, is packed with more full scene illustrations as compared to the first book, including "photographs" taken by Amos with his Polaroid camera (Sneeky, sneeky). This Project took me 3mths to complete including layout and cover. Although I would have liked more time to improve on a few things, I reckon it’s pretty decent work and a step up from the previous book I illustrated. To the readers out there – ENJOY!

Girls, Guts and Glory!

The Diary of Amos Lee – Girls, Guts and Glory!
A Sneak peek at the Cover. Book is due out First Week of December **Fingers crossed**

On the Road

Land Transport Authority

Are We There Yet
Proposed illustrative styles.
Booklet targeted at teens for used in schools.
The project was later cancelled.

I Sit, I Write, I Flush!

The Diary of Amos Lee: I Sit, I Write, I Flush!
A fully illustrated book written by Adeline Foo and published by Epigram. Amos Lee is a 9 year old, typical Singaporean boy who rants, raves, complains, whines, jokes about his life in a diary, which his mummy makes him write, in the toilet.

Amos Lee has since made his debut in London on Singapore Day (thanks to MICA), and will be (If not already) in all good bookshops. Keep an eye out for him :)

The Teacher's Toolbox

Client: The Ministry of Education, Singapore
The Teacher's Toolbox consist of materials to aid teachers in the Petals system. Included in the toolbox is a timeline of education in singapore, A "handbook", a deck of case study cards and an interactive CD-Rom.

The Teacher's Toolbox Rejects

Client: The Ministry of Education, Singapore
Rejected covers for the handbook and case-study card covers.

A Gardener's Log: Book and Customised Font Set

Client: Thien
A Gardener's Log, is a collection of articles from Thien's columns in "The Business times". It is a book about life, memories and gardening.

A set of fonts was created based on inter-twining vines and flowers to create a "natural" floral feel for the book.

The Little Nightingale Who Can't Sing

First-Time Writers and Illustrators Publishing Initiative Grant awarded for a project with done with a friend, Angie. We have always said that if there was a chance to work together on a children's book, we should do it. And it came.

Having the story told in accordion format allows one page to "bleed" to the next, thus showing the "flow" of the story. It has an intermission in the middle, where Holly the nightingale (Named after a friend of ours), got lost, and you have to turn it over to find out what happened next. It was a fun project and a start of many more to come.

Book comes in a box with some activity cards.

Larry, the mail-eating monster.

STAMP 01 is a citywide project that celebrates the city, city-life and you, the city-dweller. 40 city post-boxes were selected for makeovers and through a selection, 40 teams selected out of over 1000 entries were given the chance to showcase their design to the rest of the country!

Larry sat at milliena walk for over a year attempting to eat up the postbox. More yummy then individual letters ;)

Special Thanks to Holly, Angie, Charmaine, Pearl, Vernie, Hong Shin who came by to help with the painting.

Auzzie, Auzzie, Auzzie

Client: Kids Company
Illustrations for a visit Australia special. Staring, Wombat and Kangaroo doing various activities.

Brainjam random-ness

Client:Kids Company/Brainjam
A selection of commissioned illustrations for the "quiz" section in the magazine, Kids Company.

A Humble House Wedding

Wedding card for a friend. When the card is closed the "couple" comes together. A union of two people.



Client: Centre for Fathering
A Dinner Place mat in the form of a calender. Given out to the public to encourage families to have dinner or meals together more often.

Children's Society Annual Report proposal

A proposal done for The Children's Society Annual Report. The concept was based on the idea that by donating or by being part of the Children's Society, no matter how big or small, you are "colouring" the children's life. Proposed the Annual Report to be done like a children's colouring book.

Walk for Our Children 05

Client: Singapore Children's Society
Donation Card and t-shirt for the Singapore Children's Society, Walk for Our Children Charity event.


Client: Singapore Children's Society
Give was a logo developed for a charity drive for the Singapore Children's Society, that is an independent and non-profit organisation that relies entirely on the goodwill and support of the public. Singapore Children's Society help protect and nurture children and youth of all races and religions, especially those who are abused, neglected, and/or from dysfunctional families.


Client: Atomzi/Spring Singapore
The brief was to create an appealing "give-away" to educate the public on steps they can take to ensure freshness in milk and dairy products. What better way then to have a "cow" magnet that you can stick on your fridge to remind you. Oh and yes.. we do need the Udder!

Discovery Vacation Camp

Client: Discovery Vacation Camp
A set of illustrations that was done for Dr. Seet when I was at my first full-time job. Illustrations were used for website:, brochures and other promotional items. Last year, Dr. Seet found my hiding hole and commissioned for additional illustrations that compliments with those done 7 years ago. :)


A set of illustrations done as part of a project in University.

National Youth Week '03

Client: National Youth Week '03
Poster and postcard. One of the many jobs I did at The Design Center during my Uni years. Rather than showing a bunch of kids involved in activities, I have them "hanging out". The shoes reflect different personalities and I kept the colours "bubble-gum" fun youthful and cheery.

Journal Entries

Journal entries for a publication project. Experimenting with hand-drawn type.

Icon Tabs

A Uni research project about icons and identity.
The outcome was a set of "ID-tags" that is worn as a band on the wrist with a tab to insert your own icons that can be downloaded based on a series of questions. The bands are packaged together in a pack with tabs that can be printed on. The end product is called Icon-tabs and is proposed to be sold, marketed to school-going children.

Come get me

A series of plasticine models for a poly advertising assignment in 1999. The Ad was for a cat food brand. The idea was based on usual Subjects that cats will normally chase for fun or for food. These "Subjects" are shown relaxed, calm and in no fear/danger because the cat is more interested in the cat food. Tragic though, my models were squashed by an air-con repair man when he stepped on them by accident.

Alice in Wonderland tea set

A project that was done over a decade ago.. gee!! Part of an assignment for packaging. I based my concept on the mat hatter's tea party scene from Alice in wonderland.