Journal Entries

Journal entries for a publication project. Experimenting with hand-drawn type.

Icon Tabs

A Uni research project about icons and identity.
The outcome was a set of "ID-tags" that is worn as a band on the wrist with a tab to insert your own icons that can be downloaded based on a series of questions. The bands are packaged together in a pack with tabs that can be printed on. The end product is called Icon-tabs and is proposed to be sold, marketed to school-going children.

Come get me

A series of plasticine models for a poly advertising assignment in 1999. The Ad was for a cat food brand. The idea was based on usual Subjects that cats will normally chase for fun or for food. These "Subjects" are shown relaxed, calm and in no fear/danger because the cat is more interested in the cat food. Tragic though, my models were squashed by an air-con repair man when he stepped on them by accident.

Alice in Wonderland tea set

A project that was done over a decade ago.. gee!! Part of an assignment for packaging. I based my concept on the mat hatter's tea party scene from Alice in wonderland.