Auzzie, Auzzie, Auzzie

Client: Kids Company
Illustrations for a visit Australia special. Staring, Wombat and Kangaroo doing various activities.

Brainjam random-ness

Client:Kids Company/Brainjam
A selection of commissioned illustrations for the "quiz" section in the magazine, Kids Company.

A Humble House Wedding

Wedding card for a friend. When the card is closed the "couple" comes together. A union of two people.



Client: Centre for Fathering
A Dinner Place mat in the form of a calender. Given out to the public to encourage families to have dinner or meals together more often.

Children's Society Annual Report proposal

A proposal done for The Children's Society Annual Report. The concept was based on the idea that by donating or by being part of the Children's Society, no matter how big or small, you are "colouring" the children's life. Proposed the Annual Report to be done like a children's colouring book.

Walk for Our Children 05

Client: Singapore Children's Society
Donation Card and t-shirt for the Singapore Children's Society, Walk for Our Children Charity event.


Client: Singapore Children's Society
Give was a logo developed for a charity drive for the Singapore Children's Society, that is an independent and non-profit organisation that relies entirely on the goodwill and support of the public. Singapore Children's Society help protect and nurture children and youth of all races and religions, especially those who are abused, neglected, and/or from dysfunctional families.


Client: Atomzi/Spring Singapore
The brief was to create an appealing "give-away" to educate the public on steps they can take to ensure freshness in milk and dairy products. What better way then to have a "cow" magnet that you can stick on your fridge to remind you. Oh and yes.. we do need the Udder!

Discovery Vacation Camp

Client: Discovery Vacation Camp
A set of illustrations that was done for Dr. Seet when I was at my first full-time job. Illustrations were used for website:, brochures and other promotional items. Last year, Dr. Seet found my hiding hole and commissioned for additional illustrations that compliments with those done 7 years ago. :)


A set of illustrations done as part of a project in University.

National Youth Week '03

Client: National Youth Week '03
Poster and postcard. One of the many jobs I did at The Design Center during my Uni years. Rather than showing a bunch of kids involved in activities, I have them "hanging out". The shoes reflect different personalities and I kept the colours "bubble-gum" fun youthful and cheery.