May Your CNY be Filled with Many Many Great Yummy Goodies!



Darryl wong said...

Hi,I am a reader of THE DIARY OF AMOS LEE..I love all you drawing in the amos lee story especially W.P.I(sister)is so fussy looking girl in the drawing and amos and his buddy looked so cool and interesting that somethimes I also readed it in the toilet when I am doing my BIG BUINESS..shh..Thank you and have a happy chinese new year and a very,very,good 2011 year. From:your reader,Dawn Wong Zhi Qing... >_<

nadianaforeva said...

Hello ! I read The Diary of Amos Lee up to book 3# ! ^^ I really like it ! The drawings are great and I believe you are very hardworking .. hee hee (: I hope you have a very good CNY AND A Happy New Year :)

Stephanie Wong said...

Thanks Darryl. Good to know. My toilet reading consist of Straits times Life section :P

Hi Nadiana. I do try and make each book different. So that the experience of each book is slightly different as well.

Happy Reads!!