Third in the Series

The Diary of Amos Lee: 
I'm Twelve, I'm Tough, I Tweet!
For the observant. You would have aready guessed, this installment colour is Orange!! (Its at the back of the previous book. **Hint, Hint... lion is orange**

Book's at the printer's and should be in the binding stage. So heres a sneek preview of the cover fresh off the press for colour check.


Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm Ashley. I really love what you have drawn in The Diary of Amos Lee, Girls,Guts and Glory.And I have only read this book that you have drawn.What you have drawn was very cute and nice. I like drawing too and I especially like drawing Japanese anime. I have a blogspot website it is You can leave a comment there if you want to.

Stephanie Wong said...

Hi Ashley. Glad you like Small dottie eyed Amos as well as Big doe eye Animes :) Happy Drawings.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for replying me! I hope you will continue your drawings and make it cute, cuter and maybe the cutest! I ♥ it! I really appreciate your talent for art!


Milkshake Gal said...

hey!!!! i soooooooo luv what u drawn on the 3rd book of the diary of amos lee!!!!!
very cute!!!!!
hi im nancy!
:D :-)