Youth Olympic Mascot Proposal

In the Lion City, the majestic feline has donned many hats: part of our legal tender notes, a tourist icon, and the founding identity of our genesis as an island.

Now for the Youth Olympics, the graceful cat has leapt to the fore as a distinctive mascot for the Games. He lives and breathes the Games, which explains why his mane and tail resemble the Olympics torch.

Named Api (pronounced as Ah-pi)(Malay for flame), the ebullient mascot radiates charm, congeniality, passion, and zest for life. It likes to defy physical boundaries.

*Note: This was done at the start of 2009 before the current mascot was reveled. I wonder if its just by chance that the current mascot also have flames for its hair or not... ...)

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Jeff Yam Cheng Koh said...

Very nice designs indeed. You are on your to become a most outstanding young designer!