Thanks for 2009

In 2009...
I joined Facebook.
I started a blog.
Did 2-3 Annual Reports + 3 Books.
Amos Lee was born and became the underdog hit.
Amos Lee two was born and topped the best seller's list at no. 4.
Went to Melbourne to see old buddies.
Went to Viet. and dodged scary traffic.
Went to Thailand and hunted for **** forks.
Went to Sweden and had meatballs.
Made a celebrity friend.
Did massive over time at work.
Overdosed on coffee-shop food.
Started salad lunches.
Failed Detox.
Attended 4 "baby 1st month party"
Attended 3-4 exhibition openings
Cycled up and down East Coast Park countless times.
Cycled to serangoon.

Not too bad of a year.

I would love to specially thank the many who have bought, borrowed, begged and bagged a copy of The Diary of Amos Lee. Thanks for your support, for loving my work and making it worth the late nights, the heartachs, and constant complains and missed or late appointments that my friends and colleagues have to go through while working on the book. Always keep the child in you, with you. Happy New Year everyone :)

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M said...

Sweet year!
Who's your celebrity friend???????

I love Amos lee I sit,I write, I flush!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great drawings!